The Sierra Nevada Review is an annual literary magazine published in May featuring poetry, short fiction, and literary nonfiction. Editors read manuscripts from September until mid-February. Response time may vary between several weeks and several months.

We publish writing that leans toward the unconventional, surprising, and risky. We appreciate experiments in form and content, and prefer works whose meanings deepen on repeated readings.

Please upload no more than five poems or five pages of poetry, whichever comes first. Fiction, literary nonfiction, or hybrid works should not exceed 4,000 words. Please send only one submission per reading period. Additional submissions will not be considered.

Contributors receive two complimentary copies. Writers retain all rights.

More info here:

$ 10.00
v. 26: Aisha Sabatini Sloan, Alessio Zanelli, Ander Monson, Ceridwen Hall, Dante Di Stefano, Darby Price, Derek Updegraff, Emily Zhang, Gabriel Braunstein, Ho Cheung Lee, Jen Hofer, John Pluecker, Jonathan Doughty, Jorge Galván Flores, Kate Peterson, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Lindsay Emi, Matthew Woodman, Nahid Rachlin, Nate Pillman, Oriana Tang, Patricia Smith, Paul Lubenkov, Sam Grieve, Sadie Shorr-Parks, Steven C. Middleton, Suzanne Roberts, Taiyaba Husain, TC Tolbert, Zach Haber
$ 5.00
v. 25: Dalia Ahmed, Hanel Baveja, Amaranth Borsuk, Clayton Adam Clark, Flower Conroy, Alexa Derman, Nandini Dhar, Andy Fitch, William L. Fox, Katherine Helen Hayes, Courtney Leigh Jameson, Jenny Jung, Christine Lasek, Megan Levad, Cooper Levey-Baker, Laura McCullough, Philip Metres, Roberto Montes, Hilary Plum, Eliot Sanders, Francis Sanzaro, Yvette Schnoeker-Shorb, Roy Scranton, Steven Seidenberg, Peter Serchuk, William Stobb, Catrina Sun-Tan, Rhiannon Thorne, Albert Transom, Jonathan Glenn Travelstead, Miles Waggener, Lucy Wong, Joshua Young
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